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The Process


As bespoke timber furniture creators, it will come as no surprise that we take as much care and pride in our processes as we do in the finished product. We want to make sure that we understand you and your brief long before any tools touch the timber. Submitting anĀ Online Brief allows us to begin the process, which is designed to help us collaborate with you on your piece of handcrafted timber furniture so that we can bring your ideas to life in exactly the way you envisaged. Each piece follows the same process below to ensure quality and time delivery.


Because we arrange an initial in-person consultation at the beginning of the process we start with a very clear idea of your vision, which we translate into sketched designs to help you visualise how the piece will look. Once you have approved the design and materials we schedule your work and provide you with an expected completion date where you can come and inspect your piece prior to final sign-off and payment.

The timeframe will vary depending on the complexity, size and materials used but, once we have finalised the design we will provide you with a production time-frame.

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